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New Orleans, home of the Superdome, which has played host to so many big games, including this year’s Super Bowl XLVII, where the spirit of Mardi Gras and the celebration of life fills the streets every year, and where the crime rate is above the national average.  In a lively city like New Orleans, home security becomes a wise investment.


Crime rates are increasing across the entire nation.  According to the FBI’s preliminary numbers, the first half of 2012 saw an increase in violent crime by 1.9 percent and in property crime by 1.5 percent over a similar period in 2011.  While we can take solace that the number of murders and rapes have decreased, the rest of the categories are ticking upward.


Unfortunately for folks in New Orleans, the city’s crime rates tend to stay above the national average.  According to Neighborhood Scout, a website dedicated to bringing “enterprise-grade data for every neighborhood and city in the U.S.”, New Orleans has a crime index of 11.  This is a very low number on a scale of 100, where 100 is the best.  That “11” means that New Orleans is safer than just 11% of the cities in the U.S.


Of particular note is the property crime of burglary.  According to, the national rate is 7.02 per 1,000 people being a victim of burglary.  InNew Orleans, that number jumps to 10.81.  Indeed, Neighborhood Scout predicts that the chances of being a victim of property crime is 1 in 25.  People play the lottery with significantly worse chances than that.


Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep yourself from becoming a victim of burglary.  With ADT-monitored home security, you can give yourself peace of mind as you bring security to your home.  It seems that criminals usually look for the easiest targets, and will quickly skip any house that looks difficult.  An ADT-monitored home security system can ensure that type of difficulty for any burglar.


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Since 2013 has only just begun, perhaps it’s time to fulfill that ongoing resolution to better protect your family and ensure your San Jose home security. But home security in San Jose need not simply be about alarms, pass codes, and protection it can be a fun first step toward an automated home!


  • Imagine a home that knows what time you get up, and adjusts the temperature and lights accordingly, while it turns on that first pot of morning brew.


  • Consider the comfort of knowing that your home will let your child in after school and then automatically re-alarm the front door.


  • Have you dreamed of a home that turns the lights off when you leave, and turns them on moments before you return home, welcoming you with music to calm your mood?


  • Did you forget that the repairman was coming to look at the dishwasher?  You can access your home security system remotely from your phone in order to let him in.


  • Have you always wondered what the cat does while you’re not at home?  You can use your Smartphone to check the cameras and remotely monitor its shenanigans.


Not only does Gaylord Security help you protect what matters most with, ADT Monitored Home Security System, but we also provide a full suite of home automation and remote monitoring services. With ADT Pulse®, we help protect your home and loved ones, but you can also customize services that meet your needs and your lifestyle.


Choose from one of our three tiers of service:


  • Tier 1: ADT 24/7 Burglary and Theft monitoring, Remote Web and Mobile Access, Remote Arm/Disarm, Email & Text notifications, Quality Service Plan.


  • Tier 2: Includes all of the above, plus: Remote Real-Time Video.


  • Tier 3: Includes all of the above, plus: Lighting & Thermostat Control, Small Appliance Control, and optional Home Control Touchscreen.


All three tiers can also include optional Fire & Smoke Monitoring, or Carbon Monoxide & Flood Monitoring.


Contact us for a free San Jose home security quote today!


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Home owners and building owners that need an easy to use, high-tech security system should look at ADT. An article found on the Tribune Papers talks about how an ADT monitored security system saves lives. The best way to safeguard your home or building is to have an ADT system.

“ADT Security Systems provides an affordable way to safeguard one’s home, life and valuables through an easy-to-use, high-tech system.”

The ADT brand is the preferred solution for the homes of law enforcement officers, the Pentagon and even the White House. There are over 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies that use an ADT system at their offices and buildings.

Features that make ADT alarm systems a preferred choice are the capabilities of wireless technology to the many security safeguards that are available. Systems are affordable to install and can be easily used by anyone in a household. A home owner often receives a discount on their insurance premium is there is a security system installed.

In addition to protection from home invasion, an ADT system is available to protect your home from a fire and any medical emergency. The company started out as American District Telegraph over 135 years ago. Systems are installed inside a building or home by installers that work for the company. A key fob is provided with ADT security systems that can be used to turn the system off temporarily to allow you entry and to set the system when leaving.

A delayed entry feature allows 45 seconds to enter a code on the keypad if a key fob is not used. Doors and windows that are open when the system is active will activate the delayed entry feature. When you fail to acknowledge the alarm a signal is set to a monitoring station who can contact 911 when contact cannot be made.

If you have any questions about an ADT security system for your home, then contact us for details.

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In the world of security, there is no name, more trusted than ADT. More than six million customers have chosen ADT monitored security systems to safeguard their homes and businesses. When it comes to peace of mind, homeowners turn to ADT for home security.

Why choose ADT?

ADT’s History of Service.  ADT has been in business since 1874 -that’s almost 140 years.  As times have changed, so has technology and ADT has kept up with every technological advance, incorporating the newest and most reliable ways of keeping you secure into their security systems.

The best in home security 24/7.  ADT not only provides protection against burglary and break-ins, but their advanced monitoring systems also guard against fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. Trained employees respond quickly when there is danger, alerting the proper emergency services and sending them to your aid.

Emergency response from trained ADT employees. Dedicated and reliable, ADT can provide a fast response in cases of medical emergencies, summoning help when you need it. When you or a family member suffer injury, it’s comforting to know that ADT is ready to quickly get you the help you need.

Remote Viewing and Control. ADT offers custom services that will allow you to control your home’s lighting and temperature as well as view your home from anywhere there is a web-enabled device. Remote viewing let’s you keep an eye on your home and your family’s security.

When it comes to your family’s safety and well-being, you want a company with a reputation for excellence and service.  ADT Home Security Systems offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and your family are well-protected.

Gaylord Security is an authorized ADT dealer. We can answer all your questions about home security.  Contact us and one of our trained representatives can help you design the security package that best serves your individual security needs.

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An ADT monitored home security system can really help make your house more secure – no matter what your situation is. With the package that Gaylord Security offers, you get a digital key chain remote with all of the other products that come with the system.

Many people will forget to arm their system, or they simply don’t have time to stop and arm it before they leave the house. Other times, people forget to disarm their systems before they enter their home and set off the alarm before they can turn it back off! When you leave your house unsecured, you’re leaving your assets and your family unprotected. With a keychain system, you don’t have to worry!

With the keychain alarm, you can easily arm and disarm your home system from anywhere inside and outside your house. If you’re coming back into your home from work, a night out or vacation, you can simply push the button and your system will disarm! If you’re leaving in a rush or you forgot to arm the system before you got into bed you can easily arm your system off of the very same device.

One of the great advantages of the keychain remote is that it also has an inbuilt panic system. That means that any time that you need help right away, you’re only one push of the button away from rescue. If there is an unexpected break in or other emergency, you don’t want to be without a method of calling for help from ADT!

Contact us to hear more about the ADT keychain remote and the other products that come with our ADT system that comes free with the activation of an ADT home monitoring system.


If you’re looking for a way to keep your family safe and sound while having the most up-to-date features, an ADT monitored home security system is the one to choose. Not only do you get peace of mind with a top notch security system from a company you can trust, but the features ensure that you have many options in protecting your family.


  • A high tech digital keypad. This digital keypad puts police, fire and emergency medical personnel at your fingertips.
  • Keychain remote control. The keychain remote control allows you to arm and disarm your ADT system while you’re outside of your home. This is convenient for those carrying packages inside or not having to re-enter the house if they forgot to arm their system. It even has a handy panic button in case of an emergency.
  • Contact sensors. These are placed on your entry ways such as windows and doors. They sound the alarm if the premises is compromised.
  • Motion sensors. These are an excellent addition to the package and best of all, they are perfect for families that have pets. Due to their pet detection feature, the false alarms are fewer and can alert you to a real intruder.
  • Backup battery. This is very important because even if your power goes out, you can still be alerted to intruders or have access to emergency personnel. This is perfect for those in storm-prone areas where the power goes out often.
  • Miscellaneous benefits. You receive yard signs and window decals, which can deter a thief from considering your home. A loud decibel alarm lets your neighbors know there is a problem and lets thieves know that they are not welcome.

These are benefits that are available in the most basic package. Other packages add benefits such as video security and home automation.

You can’t afford to be without an ADT home security system and with the mass amount of benefits, it’s worth it. Besides, what is more priceless than the safety of your family? If you’re ready to have the most protection with a company you can trust, contact us on how we can help with your security issues.


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Secure Windows

Homeowners are aware of the need to protect themselves and their property while inside the home and while they are away, as burglars do target homes more than they do other types of properties. According to FBI reports, burglaries of residential properties accounted for 73.9 percent of all burglary offenses. Of all burglaries, 60.5 percent involved forcible entry, 33.2 percent were unlawful entries (without force), and the remainder (6.3 percent) were forcible entry attempts. Source: “Crime in the United States” The Federal Bureau of Investigation. 2010. 05/31/2012 Keep in mind that these statistics are only on burglaries, not robberies and other home invasions.

When homeowners decide to focus on security for themselves and their property, there are many things to take into consideration. One of the first and most important things is a home alarm system. When considering an alarm system, homeowners are well advised to place their trust in a professional security company rather than purchasing a self-installed alarm system. One such company is Gaylord Security Systems. Not only can they do an analysis of a home and neighborhood, they specialize in the installation and service of security and fire alarm systems. At a reasonable cost, homeowners can enjoy the heightened level of protection that comes from professional installation and 24/hr monitoring by ADT Security Services.

In addition to an ADT monitored alarm system, homeowners are urged to consider points of entry, lighting, line-of-sight and other vulnerabilities appealing to burglars such as windows. Having a Pet Friendly Wireless Motion Sensor installed by Gaylord Security can help homeowners with window security. The professionals at Gaylord Security provide ADT monitoring, digital keypad, entryway contacts, keychain remote, pet sensitive motion detector, high decibel alarm, backup battery, yard sign and window decals. Many customers choose the Premium Bundles which offer the choice of additional capabilities such as two-way voice and CellGuard technology.

Homeowners are encouraged to set the motion sensor so that the windows are protected when they are at home. When having an ADT monitored security system installed by Gaylord Security, remember to fully utilize the security system at all times to help to create a “peace of mind” environment.

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Every year across the country, thousands of people are killed, injured or become sick because of hazards they may not even realize exist in their home. Merrimack Fire Rescue has developed a voluntary home safety inspection program aimed at creating a partnership with occupants of single and two-family homes to help keep them safer by identifying hazards and ways to reduce or prevent them from causing harm.

This got me to think about our local fire departments and would they do the same. After making some calls I found out that some will come to your home and help you identify different possible hazards in your home. People can also call home inspection companies and they too will come to your home and help. Nothing is more important then you and your families safety!

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Many people don’t realize that their basement windows present a significant security vulnerability. While most people are aware that burglars may enter through a ground-floor entry point, it’s also important to note that basement windows may allow an intruder to access your home by entering through the basement. Here are a few quick tips to guide you through improving the security of your basement windows.

Install Secure Locks
Since the construction of basement windows is usually different from standard windows, you will want to purchase a secure lock that is compatible. Basement window locks need to be durable, secure and impossible to tamper with from the outside. If possible, purchase a lock that will be unable to be manipulated from the outside, even if the window is broken. In many cases, you can find a secure lock for your basement window at your local hardware store. If you are unable to find a good security lock locally, you can always try ordering a product from an online retailer.

Shatter-Proof Glass
To improve the security of your basement windows, it can also be beneficial to have shatter-proof glass installed as a replacement for regular glass. Since basement windows are usually fairly small in size, installing shatter-proof glass can be relatively affordable. Unless you have experience in glass installation, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional to upgrade the glass in your basement windows. Research professional glass installation services in your area, choosing a highly rated service that has positive customer reviews.

Installing Security Bars
Many people choose to install security bars on their basement windows. Since basement windows aren’t within normal viewing range, security bars can usually be installed without being too noticeable. If you have windows that open inward, install the security bars on the outside (between the screen and the window, if you have a screen). If you have a sliding basement window, you can place the bars on the interior of the window, and leave enough space so that the windows can still be easily opened. Though it is possible to find security bars that meet the specifications of your basement windows, you may have to have them custom-cut. Take an accurate measurement of the dimensions of your basement window, and take these measurements to your local hardware store. Most hardware stores will be able to custom-cut security bars to meet your specifications.

Tactical Landscaping
To help limit access to your basement windows, you can also use tactical landscaping methods. Plant low, thorny bushes around your basement windows, making them difficult or nearly impossible for an intruder to access. If you are worried about the appearance of your home, you can use Hawthorne, Rosebushes or Barberry bushes to create a visually pleasing “barrier” around your basement window area. If you need to have access to your basement windows, you can also use thick, thorn-free shrubbery that still provides limited access.


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Home invasions cases are on the rise throughout the country, and new accounts are surfacing every day of homeowners being attacked on their own property.

This past Tuesday, a man was beaten and tied up right in front of his Temecula home. Authorities say the homeowner had started his truck, which was parked in the garage, and gone back inside as the vehicle warmed up. When he went back to the garage, two men in ski masks threatened him with a knife, tied his wrists and taped his mouth. The men began beating him and demanding money. Fortunately, a boy in the house who heard the commotion called police and ran to a neighbor’s home. Deputies arrived to find the resident, who was not seriously injured, in the garage. His attackers had run away through the rear of the property.

While the homeowner was fortunate to not suffer any serious injury, this case of home invasion is an important reminder that these types of crimes are becoming more and more prevalent and reckless. The increase in home invasions that occur during the day time while people are at home is also extremely alarming. During these vulnerable times it is crucial for homeowners to increase their home security strategies, both when they are away and at home.


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